Acupuncturists provide alternative medecinal services to relieve patients suffering from a wide variety of illnesses through the practice of inserting needles into a patients skin.

Professional Order

The title of acupuncturist is bestowed upon members of the Ordre des acupuncteurs du Québec [Order of Acupuncturists of Quebec] (AOQ). This order is mandated by the Office des professions du Québec [Office of Quebec Professions] which means their members have the exclusive right to hold the the title and practise the profession. The order is headquartered in Montréal.


Over two decades old and founded in the nineties (1995), the order promotes their mission and values (respect, protection, and perfectionism) through their various professional events, awards, and committees addressing all aspects of their profession safeguarding the public against illegal practices. They also offer access to an up-to-date database listing all certified acupunturists in Quebec so the public can protect themselves and acess only certified professionals.


Being mandated by the Office des professions du Québec, the designation gives members the right to practise the discipline and is sure to give applicants entry to a rich and fulfilling career.


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