An Agrologist is a researcher who studies soil, crop and livestock production to address any production issues that may arise from environmental factors.

Professional Order

The title of Agrologist is given to members of the Ordre des agronomes du Québec [Order of Agrologists of Quebec] (OAQ). This Order, headquartered in Montreal, is mandated by the Office des professions du Québec [Office of Quebec Professions], which means its members have the exclusive right to hold the the title and practice the profession.


The OAQ, with over three thousand members, has a large provincial presence — being partnered with Desjardins, Université Laval, leBulletin, and LaTerre — and also contributes at the international level by cooperating with international organizations such as SUCO. They safeguard the public by stopping and fining anyone who practices agrology outside the Order illegally. However, they are not only protectors of the profession’s standards in Quebec, they are also actively involved in informing the agrological community through their publications (their blog Agronouvelles). They also support their members by recognizing their most outstanding members’ achievements through awards. Furthermore, they always ensure their members are reaching their professional potential by offering their members continued education, by hosting a job board where companies can post available positions, and by listing them in their own directory.


To become an agrologist, an applicant must complete a Bachelor’s degree in agronomics, or an equivalency if they are from another province or country. Additionally, as with all professional orders located in Quebec, applicants must be able to speak French at a professional level of proficiency.


Being mandated by the Office of Quebec Professions, the designation gives members the right to practice the discipline and is sure to give applicants entry to a rich and fulfilling career. Additionally, members benefit from various discounts on home and car insurances with TD Bank and other establishments.