Audiologist is a professional that assesses and treats hearing and balance disorders. To practice in Canada, audiologists must have a minimum of a master’s degree. Duration of the studies depends on the program.

Speech-Language pathologists accomplish a broad range of activities and provide numerous cares: they can help with speech delays, speech-, communication-, cognitive-disorders…Their fields of practice cover  anatomy study, as well as neurology, genetics, psychology, acoustics and much more . To practice in Canada, they must have a minimum of a master’s degree.

Clinical certification is a voluntary process. To become certified, candidates must pass the SAC (Speech-Language & Audiology Canada) clinical certification exam. Certification is recognized as a national professional credential by the public, employers and peers.

Each Canadian Province / Territory has its own representative association to :

  • defend the interests of provincial members
  • contribute to the activities for the professional of the discipline: training, conferences, etc.
  • promote the speech language pathology and audiology professions
  • give access to clinical or promotional material created by their peers…