A Land Surveyor is an expert in spatial positioning and property rights systems. Land surveyors assess the state of land for a variety of reasons such as building property, and a designation is necessary to individuals who want to practice cadastral (legal boundary) surveying.

Professional Order

The title of land surveyor is bestowed upon members accepted into the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors (AOLS).  Professional memberships, called Certificates of Registration, in the fields of Geodesy, Photogrammetry, Hydrography and Geographic Information Management are also available but are not mandatory.


The Association was established in 1892, to regulate the practice of professional land surveying and to govern its members and holders of certificates They ensure  their members comply with highest quality of service to the public due to the importance of land surveying as a fondamental research tool for the research and development of buildings and other structures. To help ensure that the public is protected, the Council that governes the Association, regularly holds meetings to deal with urgent matters.

Their organization offers a variety of continuing education courses to ensure their members are always improving and they offer aspiring members student status and professional internships. In addition to education, AOLS In Sight is published by the Association as a free bi-weekly e-newsletter, to provide information about its activities and initiatives, as well as upcoming events.


To become a member of the AOLS, a surveyor must acquire the academic and practical training required by the Association and subsequently be registered as an Ontario Land Surveyor (OLS) or an Ontario Land Information Professional (OLIP).


This title is very accessible to aspiring candidates with a background related to geography and has a fairly simple application process.The AOLS is a signatory to a Mutual Recognition Agreement that was signed by all Canadian provincial surveyors associations as well as the Association of Canada Lands Surveyors under the Canadian Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT). This agreement allows for a licensed surveyor from any Canadian provincial jurisdiction or a licensed Canada Lands Surveyor to achieve membership in another jurisdiction (examination and/or completion of an assignment could be required).