Certified Financial Planner

Certified financial planners are some of the highest-rated financial planners who assess client portfolios and optomize their potential long-term returns.


The Chartered Financial Planner (CFP) designation is bestowed upon members accepted into the professional—and internationally recognized—association the Financial Planning Standards Council (FPSC) who, through their accreditation process, maintain the professional standards of the discipline.


The FPSC is a trustworthy organization, founded in 1995, who hold their members accountable and publically reprimand them and making disciplinary reports publically available. They are actively engaged with their professional community by providing educational institutions the opportunity to teach FPSC programs for member universities to use in their curriculum and even have an ambassador program for students. They are a member of the international organization the Financial Planning Standards Board (FPSB) and hold the ISO 17024 certification designating them as an internationally recognized certification organization, bestowed by the International Standards Organization (ISO).


The designation is accessible to members of other financial associations (F.Pl or PFP) and is offered online or in a class depending on which educational institution offers it. Additionally, it is financially accessible since the entire process only costs approximately $3000 ($1500 for the two exams and $2000 for the program’s 5 courses, depending on the institution) and 3 years of experience.


This CFP designation opens international doors to their members who mostly earn six-figure salaries—more than their uncertified equivalents—merited by their expertise. With chapters dotting North America, this designation accommodates members interested in taking advantage of international business opportunities that they may never have considered. It is cost-effective because it brings good returns for a fraction of its cost.


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