Chartered Administrator

Chartered administrators are some of the best business administrators in Canada who manage businesses and ensure the organizations administrative processes are functioning.

Professional Order

The title of Chartered Administrator (Adm. A) is bestowed upon members accepted into the provincially recognized association the Ordre des administrateurs agréés [Order of Chartered Administrators] (l’Ordre des ADMA). The Ordre des ADMA maintains the professional standards of the discipline through a variety of protective processes such as professional inspection committees, punitive sanctions against unprofessional members, and the publication of their—continuously improved—professional regulations.


The Ordre des ADMA is a historically renowned organization founded over 60 years ago under the previous name Corporation des administrateurs professionnels in 1954. They offer two other designations, alongside Adm. A, such as Conseiller en management certifié [Certified Management Consultant] (C.M.C.), Administrateur agréé [Chartered Administrator] (Adm. A), and Planificateur financier [Financial Planner] (Pl. Fin). As further recognition of their adherence to quality professional standards, the order also offers six awards and distinctions: two of which are fellowship titles (Fellow Adm. A and Fellow C.M.C). Their order promotes values such as transparency, efficiency, balance, equity, and more. They are also mandated by the Office des professions du Québec [Order of Quebec Professions] to protect Quebec from substandard professional practices. They also


Being an order in Quebec, applicants must have a professional working proficiency of French. Additionally, applicants must possess a bachelor’s, or master’s, degree in business administration. However, applicants may be able to apply if they possess a recognized equivalency: an out-of-province designation, excessive work experience in business administration, or a related university degree. The application fee is only $135 and the order offers additional continuing education courses—in digital and physical formats—on a variety of specialties ranging from leadership to organizational management workshops.


Typically, according to their website, this designation has advantages for professionals in other fields as it can demonstrate to clients and employers that they even take the administrative aspect of their profession seriously.


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