Chartered Financial Analyst

Chartered financial analysts are some of the highest-rated financial analysts in Canada who analyze financial trends through data collection in order to guide their clients on future financial actions they should take in their business.

Professional Order

The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation is given to members accepted into the internationally renowned organization the CFA Institute. Through their accreditation process, they maintain the professional standards of the financial analyst discipline. In addition to this designation, they also offer two other certifications: the Claritas and Certificate in Investment Performance Measurement (CIPM) designations.


The CFA Institute is an internationally renowned organization founded in 1947 with chapters in each province. It has over 140 thousand members and 147 chapters in over 70 countries. They are actively involved in the financial analyst field and offer volunteer opportunities and various rewards to their members. Furthermore, they promote diversity using special initiatives such as the Women in Investment Management Initiative. Through their historic efforts the Institute has established and continues to ensure the chartered financial analyst profession flourishes.         


The designation stipulates three ways to enrol in their program: holding a bachelor’s degree, four years of financial experience, or two years of both. Furthermore, during their course of study, applicants must complete four years of financial analyst experience and three exams. Each exam costs approximately $950 and the course books for each exam cost about $150 each in print. The program’s total cost is approximately $3500 not including registration fees.


According to the CFA Institute website, the designation is evidence of a candidate who has excelled in their field and has an advanced knowledge of financial analysis. This designation can get you ahead the competition and is somewhat affordable; but, obtaining it is a long process and, according to their website, will take approximately four years. Passing the exams is heavily dependent on your own abilities, but is very accessible and straight to the point. Besides the long process, the self-study format may not appeal to some applicants.


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