Dental Technician

A Dental technician assists dental professionals by creating and fitting prescriptive dental appliances such as retainers, bridges, dentures, and more.

Professional Order

The title of dental technician is bestowed upon members of the Ordre des techniciens et techniciennes dentaires du Québec [Order of Quebec Dental Technicians] (OTTDQ). This order is mandated by the Office des professions du Québec [Office of Quebec Professions] meaning their members have the exclusive right to hold the the title and practise the profession. The order is headquartered in Montréal.


They make professionals accessible to the publics through their database filled with licensed dental technicians. To keep their members informed, they have their own publications: a glossary, a bulletin, and an infoletter. They also ensure their members are the best of the best by providing supplementary educational training to better sharpen their skills and scope of responsibilities. They also keep their members on their toes with their disciplinary service that ensure their members comply with their professional obligations and the order’s mission to protect the public. Their process to deal with complaints involves collecting evidence against the accused, reviewing the complaint, punishing the offending member, and sometimes the reimbursement of damages for the complaintant.
They also promote community engagement through events such as their annual golf tournament and their celebratory day: Journée céLABration Day where various dental professionals get together to network. They also have a job board dedicated to posting dental technician jobs ensuring members get called upon to fill important positions.


To work as a dental technician in Quebec, an applicant must have completed a college diploma from a dental technician program and be able to prove that they can speak French proficiently. The registration cost is $584.83 but, foreign and out-of-province applicants must submit an inquiry in order to determine if their education meets the entry requirements. If not, they will require extra training.


Being mandated by the Office des professions du Québec, the designation gives members the exclusive right to practise the discipline and use the title. Additionally, the order provides a self-evaluation tool as a fast, simple way to gauge if your diploma and experience is enough to be recognized.


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