Engineers are technological experts who design and build a variety of different technologies ranging from mechanical apparatus to construction methods.

Professional Order

The title of engineer is bestowed upon members accepted into the professional—recognized by the Office des professions du Québec [Office of Quebec Professions]—Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec [Order of Engineers of Quebec] (OIQ), who, through their accreditation process, maintain the professional standards of the discipline.


The historically renowned OIQ was founded in 1920 as the Quebec Corporation of Professionals and now counts over sixty thousand members. It has eleven regional committees, within the seventeen Quebec regions, designed to promote the discipline through volunteer work and networking with other members. The order also has a variety of different initiatives to promote engineering such as the junior engineer program, where junior engineers work under the supervision of a senior member, and the sponsorship program where senior engineers sponsor the junior engineers.


This title is accessible to people with a professional level of proficiency in French. Additionally, applicants must possess a bachelor’s degree in engineering recognized by the order to obtain a permit to enrol in the order’s junior engineer program. Additionally, junior engineers are required to take an examination after working for three years. However, applicants who do not have a diploma in engineering must complete up to eleven admission examinations. The registration fees associated with an application vary between $150 (for a Quebec degree) and $1,245 (for a related degree) depending on where the degree originates. Additionally, there are annual and registration fees that vary significantly based on the applicant.


Being a mandated designation by the Office des professions du Québec, the order holds an exclusive right to practise engineering in Quebec which means members will always be consulted for engineering positions. Additionally, the order takes care in mentoring their members to ensure they can provide the highest quality of excellence in their work.


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