Land Surveyor

Land surveyors assess the state of land for a variety of reasons such as building property.

Professional Order

The title of land surveyor is bestowed upon members accepted into the Ordre des Arpenteurs-Géomètres du Québec [Order of Land Surveyors of Quebec] (OAGQ).


The OAGQ has a history dating back to the late 19th century when it was founded as the Corporation des arpenteurs-géomètres du Québec [Land Surveyors Guild of Quebec]. The approximately one thousand members of the order have ensured that land surveyors comply with highest quality of service to the public due to the importance of land surveying as a fondamental research tool for the research and development of buildings and other structures. Their organization offers a variety of continuing education courses to ensure their members are always improving and they offer aspiring members student status and professional internships. In addition to education, they also protect the public by presenting the average charges for land surveying projects in order to make sure that clients are not taken advantage of.


Being a Quebec designation, applicants are required to demonstrate a professional level of French. Additionally, applicants must have a university-level education in geography, a related program, or an equivalent work experience. After acquiring these requirements, candidates are expected to comple an oral and written evaluation attesting their competency. However, an applicant holding a recognized designation from out of the province may be exempt from the aforementioned requirements.


This title is very accessible to aspiring candidates with a background related to geography and has a fairly simple application process. It is also mandated by the Office des professions du Quebec [Office of Quebec Professions] meaning, if a land surveyor wishes to ply their profession in Quebec, they must have their skills recognized by the order and obtain a permit from them.


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