Lawyers serve the judicial system in Quebec by representing client’s legal interests.

Professional Order

The title of Lawyer in Quebec is bestowed upon members accepted into the Barreau du Québec [The Quebec Bar] (Barreau) who, through their accreditation process, maintain the professional standards of the legal practice in Quebec.


With over a century of legal excellence, the Barreau currently has over twenty-four thousand active members practising law and representing clients since its founding in 1849. The Barreau has nine affiliates—such as Éducaloi, Centre d’accès à l’information juridique (CAIJ), and more—created through a variety of initiatives. Through these affiliates the Barreau provides the public with free legal services for those who cannot afford it (Pro Bono Québec) and legal information to keep the public up to date (Éducaloi). Furthermore, the Barreau even has initiatives to defend human rights even on an international stage and to provide law students with scholarships and financial aid. They even offer six awards to their most upstanding members.


In order to become a member of this order and gain the title of lawyer, applicants must complete four steps. The first step is to graduate from a three-year undergraduate law program. The second step is to then complete a training program offered by the École du Barreau [The School of the Bar] which costs approximately $5500 and consists of a stage. The third, and final, step is to take an oath of office then register with the order. The entire process takes approximately 4-5 years with university and university costs will vary. This does not include continued education that the Barreau requires to ensure membership status.


Being a legal profession, only certified lawyers, recognized by the Barreau, can practice in Québec. The Office des professions du Québec [Office of Quebec Professions] has mandated them as the only accreditating legal body in Quebec.


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