Notaries are legal professionals who are certified by the government and can draft legal contracts and more.

Professional Order

The title of notary is bestowed upon members accepted into the professional order the Chambre des notaires du Québec [Chamber of Notaries of Quebec] (CNQ) who, mandated by the Office des professions du Québec [Office of Quebec Professions], maintain the professional standards of the discipline through their accreditation process.


The recently formed CNQ was founded in 1970 and has over four thousand active members. Their organization is very public-oriented and has a variety of informative resources to help the public with their legal documentation. They have an entire notarial library that people can subscribe to, an infoletter called the Minute, highlighting all the newest trends in the notary world, and even have a Protect-o-maître: an online quiz that will judge how much legal protection the user has. They also provide a grant, called PBÉS, to students in notarial masters’ programs. They also have an abundance of information for notary clients on a variety of subjects from business contracts, inheritances, divorces, and more.


Because the order is located in Quebec, applicants to this order must be able to speak French at a professional level. Additonally, they need to meet these requirements in their application process. They must have completed a three-year-long bachelor’s degree in law, then they must obtain a master’s degree in notarial law, undergo a professional training program, and then register with the order. The entire process can take over five years.


Since the title is mandated by the Office of Quebec Professions, only members of this organization have the exclusive right to practise. This means that members of the organization will always be consulted on the organization’s professional database for positions.


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