You wish to become a chartered chemist in Ontario. You should know chemistry is a regulated occupation in Canada. The regulation of professions is a provincial responsibility but there are also national organizations that play an important role to promote chemistry and chemical sciences.

Among these organizations can be found:
The Chemical Institute of Canada (CIC), the umbrella organization for the promotion of the chemical sciences and engineering in Canada and its three constituent societies :

*the Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering (CSChE),
*the Canadian Society for Chemical Technology (CSCT),
*and the Canadian Society for Chemistry (CSC).

Canada’s Professional Chemists/ Chimistes Professionnels du Canada (CPC) is particularly dedicated to the promotion of chemical profession in Canada. This organization is partnering with different provincial associations.

Association of the Chemical Profession in Ontario ACPO)

The title of Chartered chemist is bestowed upon members who have satisfied the formal requirements of the Association of the Chemical Profession in Ontario (ACPO).  The association maintains the professional standards of the discipline through their accreditation process. They promote and develop further an appreciation of the profession among other profession industries, students, public.
The website gathered a number of resources, such as a job board, a update directory of all Chartered Chemists, numerous publications about the sector trends and industry analysis.


The ACPO members follow their Association guidelines to ensure to adhere ethical standards of practice. The Association is tasked with ensuring the general safety of the public by regulating the professional practice of chemistry through the revision of professional practices and review of any and all complaints made against their members.

Chartered Chemist are also responsible for maintaining  a high level of competency by continuing education and promoting advanced standards across the industry.


Candidates are required to have a combination of recognized university degree (Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, or Chemical sciences) and professional experience (from 2 years to 5 years, depending the type of diploma they have) . Applicants who do not have the required academic qualifications but at least 6 years experience in a chemical field, may qualify bty passing the Graduate Record Examination®.


Members have the exclusive right to hold the title C.Chem. The annual registration fees are fully income tax deductible . Members receive a free copy of the ACPO’s official publication every year.

Members benefit from group life insurance rates, as well as group home and auto insurance rebate, and several discounts on different services (rental car services, CAA program).



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