Veterinarians provide animal health services to pet owners and owners of livestock which can range from medical examinations to surgeries.

Professional Order

The title of veterianian is bestowed upon members accepted into the Ordre des médecins vétérinaires du Québec [Order of Veterinarians of Quebec] (OMVQ) who, through their accreditation process, maintain the professional standards of the discipline.


With over two thousand members, the OMVQ was founded in 1902 as a response against unregulated veterinary practices that saturated the veterinary profession in Quebec. It has further safeguards against unregulated veterinary practices by providing the public with a professional database presenting all of the certified veterinarians practising in Quebec. Their website also includes a special informational section dedicated to informing the public on how to care for their pets and animals. They even have their own review publication called Le Veterinarius which informs practising veterinarians and avid veterinary enthusiasts about new work methods in the discipline. In addition to this, the organization also bestows four awards in recognition of excellent veterinary practices to veterinarians who have heavily contributed to the field.


This title is open to applicants who have graduated with a doctorate in veterinary medecine, which typically includes an internship as part of the program. A traditional academic career in veterinary medecine takes approximately five years to complete (including bachelor’s and master’s degrees). Only five universities in Canada offer recognized veterinary programs. The order does consider veterinary degrees from outside of Canada on a case-by-case basis; however, they do not have definitive criteria on what constitutes a foreign equivalency.


The advantages to obtaining this designation are that it is required to be a practicing veterinarian in Quebec. This means members have an exclusive right to practise; however, due to the high requirements of the profession, it will require more dedication. But joining the order is definitely a good start for any new veterinarians and is sure to lead to a rich and fulfilling career.